>Windows 7 Boot Screen for Windows XP


Now its turn of “Boot Screen“. Windows 7 contains a new boot screen which shows “Starting Windows…” text along with a glassy progressbar in the middle.
I have tried to create a similar boot screen “VistaVG Boot Screen” for Windows XP.
It looks similar to Windows 7 boot screen. You can download it from following link:
Extract the ZIP file and you’ll get following 2 files:
  • NToskrnl.exe
  • VistaVG Seven Boot Screen.tbs
You can use any of the 2 files to enjoy the new boot screen.
If you want to use “NToskrnl.exe” file, then you’ll need to replace existing “NToskrnl.exe” file present in “%windir%\System32” folder with this new one. You can use “Replacer” to replace the files which you can find in our “Downloads” section.
Or if you want to use the second file “VistaVG Seven Boot Screen.tbs“, then you’ll need Tuneup Utilities to apply it which is very safe.
UPDATE: Windows Vista users can also enjoy the new Windows 7 boot screen. Visit this link.

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